Putting the Squeeze on Frank Kozik

Frank Kozik toys and art

Lots of mysterious, artistic stuff happens in the desert, and I’m not even talking about Burning Man. Who knew Frank Kozik had a solo show of toy art sculptures and Mao Tse-Tung paintings in Scottsdale, Arizona? Turns out, my friend Emmett Potter knew, because his gallery, SQUEEZE, is hosting it.

Frank Kozik toys and art

It must feel really rad to walk around amongst so much large scale work like this. The show, entitled Golden Mao, includes Stalin, Dead Che and Ludwig Van busts, Kozik’s Big Army Man, two versions of RXH’s Mutant and three colorways of Salari-Ika. This is an exhibit that’s likely hands-on. Imagine touching all that cool, detached fiberglass and warm, flocked vinyl…You can check prices and availability on the sculptures here.

Frank Kozik toys and artAlong the walls is the evidence of the show’s namesake, Mao. Not shown in this photo, however, is the Ed “Big Daddy” Roth-inspired “obligatory lowbrow painting,” which is no doubt Kozik’s wink to toy art in a gallery setting. Check out all the paintings here.

Frank Kozik toys and artLooking good, Emmett! Some day I’ll get down to Scottsdale and check out your awesome space!