Gargamel Toys Supports Japanese Earthquake Victims

Mitari-Chan from Gargamel toys

Gargamel has decided to support victims of the Japanese earthquake with a new character, “Mitari-chan”. They have produced 65 pieces of “Mitari-chan” and 65 pieces of “Mitari-chan (Obake Ver.)” The price is ¥ 1500. If the figures sell out, they will send ¥ 1500 x 130 = ¥ 195000 (that’s over $2K USD) to the earthquake victims.

Even now, there are so many people suffering and dieing, waiting for help at dark cold place. We kept thinking about what we could do past 3 days. And this is the things we can do right now. Please support them.

Mitari-Chan is available online here now.