Japan Takes Your Pin Game to the Next Level

Japanese aquarium pin brooch

Think you’ve got your pin game on lock? It seems we’re in the era of enamel pins. But no serious pin connoisseur wants their buttons clashing with their brands. Enter Japan with an innovative overlay that complements both. Rather than risk accessory disharmony, put these glorious popjects on top of your logos. You’re no longer part of the brand herd. You, my friend, stand out from the pack. Likewise, it doesn’t matter if you’re cool because you’re cute.

Japanese UFO pin brooch

From what I can tell, the series of brooches (which includes an aquarium, a UFO, a TV and an “interview”) were designed by manga artist Hiroyuki Ohashi to interact with your brand logos. For instance, you can contain the Izod alligator in a tiny aquarium or beam up Le Tigre to a UFO. (FYI, that UFO brooch may be sold out OR it may be for sale on this tumblr. It’s so hard to be sure.)

Japanese UFO pin brooch

This new edition to your pin game is made of acrylic and costs 1000 Yen or ~ $9 USD. Check out the whole collection here.

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