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Gay Marriage Returns to California

Written on by jeremy

This morning, the Supreme Court ruled the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, thus returning legalized gay marriage to California. Nicely done! Congrats to any and all newlyweds. It’s actually pretty simple. Marriage isn’t for everybody, but it’s for everybody who wants … Continue reading

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Comic-Con 2012 Wednesday Preview Night Quick Recap

Written on by jeremy

After a long drive (musically enhanced by “Kiss offs” and “Murder Ballads”), I made it to San Diego. You don’t need to look very hard to know that geeks and freaks have taken over the city! (Written on the van … Continue reading

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20 Inspiring Designer Skulls

Written on by jeremy

Since today is Skull Appreciation Day, here’s a look back at 20 inspiring designer skulls. These unique anatomical art objects re-contextualize the cranium in bone, books, fruit, chocolate, wood, fiber, metal, vinyl, plastic and resin. Click the headings to read … Continue reading

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GREY AREA’s Design Objects for Concert Merch Tables

Written on by jeremy

SoHo-based GREY AREA exist in the “undefined space between art and design where art is made functional and the functional is made art.” [Me too!] Co-founder Kyle DeWoody recently curated GREY AREA’s inaugural art show, Sound Quality, a mashup of visual … Continue reading

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Custom Sparkle Vinyl Descendents Bags

Written on by jeremy

Chris Shary, Bay Area artist for Descendents/All and also a “drama teacher, father, husband and dork” collaborated with his wife, Lori Herbst, on a range of hand-sewn, glittery vinyl Descendents bags. Shary did the iconic designs and Herbst cut and sewed … Continue reading

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New Sculptural Works by Yoskay Yamamoto

Written on by jeremy

Yoskay Yamamoto’s much anticipated show of new sculptural works opens this Saturday, March 24th at LeBasse Projects Chinatown, LA location. Entitled Jokes on Me… Yamamoto’s first all-sculpture exhibition explores social issues through humor. Much of the work is based on iconic childhood characters (like this Hello Kitty), … Continue reading

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Karoushi at Toy Art Gallery

Written on by jeremy

Last weekend, Karoushi featuring the airbrushed Japanese vinyl of Grody Shogun and Velocitron, opened at LA’s Toy Art Gallery. “Karoushi” is the Japanese concept of death by overwork.  The two Japan-based Americans hoped that “attendees to the gallery show [could] … Continue reading

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Clear Green Tokoji Seijin by Koji Harmon

Written on by jeremy

Koji Harmon likes kappa, mischievous water creatures found in Japanese folklore. He’s released his original character, Tokoji Seijin, in several colorways, but the next one is really an amphibious gem. On December 3rd at 8PM PST (and December 4th at … Continue reading

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Recycled World Record Clocks

Written on by jeremy

Time has really gotten away from me today, so Pavel Sidorenko‘s recycled record clocks seemed like a particularly apropo item to post. Re Vinyl is an upcycling product fashioned from old vinyl records. By altering the functions of used products … Continue reading

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Jeff Soto x Toy2R Full Qee Sets Available Again

Written on by jeremy

Jeff Soto is moving studios and selling “some old art and merch that has been hiding in corners or forgotten drawers”. One of the highlights of the sale is the chance to complete your Soto Qee collection. I always liked … Continue reading

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