Happy Panda Toys and Yosiell Lorenzo at DesignerCon

Happy Panda Toys is relatively new to the scene. The Vegas-based duo is looking to use profits generated from their online store to put up (brick and mortar) shop and support the LV toy scene. I feel somewhat cynical toward goal, but wish them the best.

This is a Kodak moment. Here’s Yosiell Lorenzo (aka Project Detonate) meeting his 3D creation, Poison Sweet, for the first time, during his first toy signing, at his first ever convention.

Poison Sweet comes in a fancy box with magnetic closure. If you catch Yosiell (Joe-zee-ELL) around town, maybe he’ll sketch it up for you.

Poison Sweet is about 6 inches tall and was made in an edition of 500. You can pick one up online at Happy Panda for $60 here.

Not coincidentally, three out of four of the prototypes Happy Panda displayed came from artists in the custoMONDAY series I curated from 2008-2009. Odd that they never reached out to me with a hello, but panda or otherwise, I’m happy to see these artists getting their toys out there.