Toy Art in the East Bay Express!

I wrote a story about Leecifer for the Arts and Culture section of our local alternative free news weekly, The East Bay Express. The Express can be found all over Oakland, Berkeley and other cities east of San Francisco in these tagged up bright yellow (and sometimes green) boxes. It comes out every Wednesday, and today’s issue should open up a lot of eyes to the toy scene that’s right under their noses.

The story is about Leecifer’s path from customizing toys to the release of his first production toy, Honoo The Flame (at Super7 on Saturday, February 26th). In addition to Lee’s perspective on the journey and the scene, you’ll find Brian Flynn, Jay222, SpankyStokes and Yosiell Lorenzo chiming in.  I had a great time working with Lee and the East Bay Express on this story, and I hope this is just the beginning. Please read the article here, or pick up a copy and ask me to sign it on Saturday :)

[I love how the ads running along the side of the story include a goth shop and a head shop…]

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