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Toy Art 2.0: Now Available

Written on by jeremy

Toy Art 2.0 is now available! This coffee table art book is a four-pound love letter to the spirit of community and power of accessible art. From cover to cover, its 290 pages  are packed with 50+ interviews and 150 color … Continue reading

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Mark Gonzales’ Priest Toy (2012) Produced by Super7

Written on by jeremy

Super7 is about to release a new toy by Mark Gonzales, one of the most influential skateboarders of all time. Skateboard legend Mark Gonzales’ distinctive artwork has piqued the interest of skaters and art fans alike for decades. The Priest … Continue reading

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Comic-Con 2012 Digested

Written on by jeremy

Comic-Con comes but once a year, and the industries serving niche nerds worldwide prepare for many months in advance. Given all the hard work that goes into putting on an event of this scale, it seems unfair to stop talking … Continue reading

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Super7 Vinyl Toys at Comic-Con 2012

Written on by jeremy

Super7 brought its vision of Japanese vinyl toys to Comic-Con en masse. Popular Monster Family figures showed up in new colorways and for the first time, I saw Brian Flynn’s “Foster” and “Milton” referred to as “Kandy Kaiju”. There were … Continue reading

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Comic-Con 2012 Wednesday Preview Night Quick Recap

Written on by jeremy

After a long drive (musically enhanced by “Kiss offs” and “Murder Ballads”), I made it to San Diego. You don’t need to look very hard to know that geeks and freaks have taken over the city! (Written on the van … Continue reading

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Friday 05-04-12 Instagram Roundup

Written on by jeremy

Tough week? Sit back and let the happy colors of this Instagram Roundup wash over you. Today’s installment takes us to Japan for American vintage toys and Japanese designer toys, out to Mexico where Mars-1 flew over for a signing and … Continue reading

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Real Talk About Custom Toys 2: The PLAYSAM 500

Written on by jeremy

The PLAYSAM Streamliner car is an iconic Swedish desk toy that’s been in production since 1984.  The company describes itself as ”a haven for contemporary, cosmopolitan, classic design. Simply put, Playsam are Scandinavian design at its finest.” Wikipedia describes Scandinavian design as “a design movement … Continue reading

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Fiery Tornado Honoo by Leecifer

Written on by jeremy

Super7 is releasing another iteration of Honoo the Flame by Oakland’s own, Leecifer. This version closely recalls the O.G. Honoo, but with marbled red and orange vinyl instead. Born from a spark of mischief and ignited by curiosity, the Fiery Tornado Honoo … Continue reading

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It’s Jaundice January at Super7!

Written on by jeremy

Super7 has jaundice for January! (It seemed somehow more polite wordplay than “Super7 has Yellow Fever!”) To celebrate the new year, San Francisco’s Super7 is introducing a few new Monster Family colorways “along with one in a brand new ride”. Tomorrow, … Continue reading

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The Latest in Vinyl Bats

Written on by jeremy

If Paul Kaiju releases an unpainted Mock Bat in the same color as this vinyl test shot (above), there may be one more bat for my growing green vinyl bat (Steven, Hermees and Greasebat) family! Writes Kaiju, of his next original self-produced figure: “In … Continue reading

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