Beastie Boys Action Figures by BAPE

Beastie Boys Collectible Action Figures

If you were recently thinking that what your toy collection needed was some really pricey Beastie Boys action figures, well then you’re in luck:

To celebrate summer and renaissance all up across this fair piece, as well as the release of the video for Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win, we are making a select few sets of our very own B-Boys action figures available for purchase. Yes! These are the very same dashing figures that you feast your eyes on in the video. Produced by Nowhere Ltd.Bathing Ape, these are some real limited edition, explicit, bottle service/ v.i.p. type items. And no, we are not trying to take you for all your Mozarell.

You do have to have some Mozarell though: The poseable plastic trio will cost you $750, but 97% of proceeds from every set sold will be donated to two organizations dedicated to fighting cancer in children.

Beastie Boys Collectible Action Figures

The action figures are packaged in a 16″x12″ sardine can-looking metal box. The box contains three 11.5-inch tall action figures (1 MCA, 1 Mike D, 1 Ad Rock); button down shirts, pants, and shoes; 3 doll stands; 3 white jump suits; 3 safety goggles; 3 pairs of work boots; 3 safety vests; 3 belts; 3 Japanese decal stickers and 3 extra hand attachments.

Beastie Boys Collectible Action Figures

The package deal also comes with the 2-disc deluxe version of the Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds of Science, while supplies last. If you’ve got $750, you can help kids AND be a kid. Also: how many Jewish action figures do you know of? Get them here.

If you haven’t got cash, but you do have 11 minutes, watch the figures in action here. (It’s kind of like if Michael Bay directed an episode of Robot Chicken, maybe.)