Office Cronies for Cubicle Commandos

The nice folks at nottaTOY shipped us a set of Office Cronies, and as soon as we’d opened the box, the plush toys sprang to life and went about asserting their signature character traits among the cubicle commandos in our office. Mean Admin struck a menacing pose. Bottleneck promptly gummed up the works. And, well, Fridge Raider made a beeline for the Guinness. If you’ve ever worked in an office, you know these people. (Mean Admin, particularly, if you were part of the ‘dot com bubble’ that briefly turned above-average IQ teenagers into veritable tyrants.) If you’ve ever watched The Office, you also know them (We request an HR Office Cronies plush for completeness).

Now, if you’ve managed to somehow avoid life in a cubicle, you may still appreciate these designer plushes on a purely aesthetic level. The OC’s range in height from about 9 inches to 11 inches, are made of a durable nonwoven material and come stuffed tight with polyfill. This combination allows them to stand freely. For you fashionistas out there, you’ll like the various cut-and-sew details like embroidered name and quote patches and button eyes. And for everybody else, it’s just kind of charming that a team of four friends in Austin turned their collective 50 years of office experience into something more than clockwatching.

You can get (or give) Office Cronies for $20 each through the nottaTOY website or at your local purveyor of fine plush toys. We wonder if Parks and Recreation plushes are forthcoming?