New MAQET T-shirt Bears Tell the World What You Love

MAQET Valentine's Day DIY T-shirt Bears

Meet MAQET‘s new messengers! Keith and I developed this idea to inject a bit of ingenuity into the stale “Hallmark monopoly” that is Valentine’s Day. Thanks to the wonderful Shin “T-shirt” Tanaka and Naoko “Dankeschoen” Shimojo, we can now make personal figurines that tell our loved ones–in our own words–exactly what we love.

I Heart Green Bear

The elegance of MAQET’s customization technology is that it’s for everyone. With a bit of practice, even a writer can do it! I added my logo and a green crayon to Shin’s T-shirt template and uploaded it to MAQET’s 3D-viewer in about 5 minutes. If I’d also clicked the “Make It Real” button, my I Love Green Crayons one-off would be joining my collection within a week’s time.


Yesterday, I made a series of cat lovers. Yes, I love CAT-5 cables. Who doesn’t?

I Heart Jamungo & Circus Posterus & MAQET

What about collectibles that preach the love of other collectibles? I Heart Jamungo and I Heart Circus Posterus? Done! I wrote up tutorials to walk people through customizing MAQET T-shirt bears using MAQET’s Online Character Designer or your own design software. (I used Photoshop to make this batch of bears.)

I Heart Cats MAQET T-shirt Bear

Play around with it, and let me know what you think. Your finished design can be made in an edition of as few as one piece. MAQETs are made of Plastin®, a porcelain-like material with a smooth, shiny finish. Small T-shirt bears are $22 and large T-shirt bears are $42. Order by February 9th with overnight delivery or by February 6th with priority shipping to get your MAQETs by Valentine’s Day!