Jason Limon Specimen Prototype

Jason Limon Specimen prototypeI’m intrigued by this prototype called Specimen No. 1, which is based on a painting by Jason Limón. The piece was sculpted by Inner Sanctum, the Bakersfield, CA-based company that only has a Facebook page (bleh). In the comments underneath the pictures, Inner Sanctum said that the wings of the figure would be transparent like the painting.

Jason Limon Specimen sketch

Inner Sanctum is the same company doing the Sekaiseifukudan figures for Mari Inukai. It’s exciting to see actual “artist toys” being made again. As in: first it was a painting and now it’s a toy. For a while, it seemed like things had reversed itself. In any event, Inner Sanctum is working on a series of six figures with Limón. Specimen No. 1 is expected to be 7-8 inches tall in vinyl. I look forward to more information (ideally outside of Facebook). [via SpankyStokes]