Munky King at Comic-Con

Munky King's Fiberglass 1000% Possessed

LA’s Munky King showed off some interesting prototypes at Comic-Con. What you’re looking at above is a 6+ foot, 1000% Possessed fiberglass, vinyl and metal sculpture by Luke Chueh. There should be some great photos of people posing with this guy popping up on Flickr. What is it about big mascots that makes us humans want to jump in and pose? I obviously would have no idea. Munky King is accepting inquiries and pre-orders for the 1000% Possessed sculpture (edition of 15 pieces) here.

Luke Chueh Prototype at Munky King

Here’s a new prototype of a figure by Luke Chueh, sculpted by Pretty in Plastic. I talked to Julie B about this one, and she seems stoked about the potential for collectors to customize the background.

Chris Ryniak x Ferg Misfortune Cat

Witness the new Misfortune Cat by Ferg and Chris Ryniak. Ferg looks this way because he had just gotten off an airplane. Ryniak looks this way because well, that’s the way he looks.

Ferg and Chris Ryniak's Misfortune Cat

What’s this? Good Morning Sunshine: A new figure in the works from Joe Ledbetter.

Joe Ledbetter prototype for Munky King

Munky King also unveiled the upcoming Screaming for the Sunrise (black edition) by Yoskay Yamamoto (coming soon) and Luke Chueh’s recurring Black in White (edition of 750)

Munky King at SDCC 2011

Luke came through for a signing (below), and I had a good chat with Munky King founder, Patrick Lam. Good things ahead!

Luke Chueh signing at Munky King