Gary Ham and Scott Tolleson at Comic-Con

Scott Tolleson & Gary Ham: BROMANCE

Bromance alert: Here’s Scott Tolleson and Gary Ham. Their booth at Comic-Con was colorful and happy (despite Tolleson’s efforts to be a downer). They stocked their stall with a good variety of price-points, platforms and mediums (vinyl, resin, customized toys).

Scott Tolleson & Gary Ham's Booth at SDCC 2011

Tolleson had a huge amount of stuff: Along with his previous Tricycle Terrors and Doc Von Blocks, he had a new (green) edition of Otis and Otto, the debut of his Noselots plushes (for which his excitement was palpable and possibly contagious), an army of customized Androids, his Uncle Argh 5-inch Qee and two versions of his self-produced Chipster vinyl.

Stolle's Neighborhood

Well-designed toys plus bromance produce smiles on the faces of two angsty toy critics.

Toy Critics

Click through to keep reading! You haven’t even seen Gary Ham’s stuff. There’s a new prototype, an animated gif and a tale of suspense and smackdown ahead!

Scott Tolleson's Customized Androids
Meticulously hand-painted one-off Androids by Scott Tolleson
Vinyl Toys by Scott Tolleson
A hodgepodge of vinyl toys by Scott Tolleson
Scott Tolleson's Otis and Otto Mini-figures
Otis and Otto in their sweet argyle boxes
Scott Tolleson's Plushes
Noselots plushes by Scott Tolleson coming soon…
Scott Tolleson's Chipster
SDCC-exclusive and transparent Chipster vinyls by Scott Tolleson
Scott Tolleson's Uncle Argh Qee
Scott Tolleson’s Uncle Argh Qee

And now we arrive at Mr. Gary Ham!

Gary Ham and Walter Jacott prototype!
Wooper Looper prototype by Gary Ham and Chauskoskis

Ham was honored with the Designer Toy Award for Best Self-Produced Toy for Hermees the Bat. Well, Gary is gearing up for another round of self-production. This time, he’s brought on Walter “Chauskoskis” Jacott to do the sculpt. The new character was on display in prototype form. His name is Wooper Looper. A name like that can only mean one thing: it’s animated gif time, holla!

Gary Ham's Green Hermees the Trickster Bat
DTA-winning Hermees the Bat by Gary Ham

Ham’s green bat, Hermees the Trickster, though recipient of aforementioned award, was also the subject of multiple scandals. I’ll have to save one for later, but the shorter scandal involves a thief attempting to steal Hermees right off the table…until he was chased down and schooled by schoolteacher, Kathy Tolleson. So awesome. Wish I could have seen it.

Gary Ham's Doodled Androids
Guess who picked up the one on the left?
Gary Ham's Cirque Siamese
Cirque Siamese by Gary Ham
Gary Ham's Morsels
Resin Morsels by Gary Ham and Pretty in Plastic 
Customs by Gary Ham
Customized toys by Gary Ham