Incredibox: An Addictive Electronic Music Game


After being off for Memorial Day, you probably have a pretty packed inbox, huh? Well, you’re not going to love me for this, then, but you should really check out Incredibox. This French musical “game” allows you to construct electronic tunes without any hint of musical talent. However, the way Incredibox is programmed, it’s almost impossible to compose a bad track. Each selection adds an element (percussion, chorus, etc.) to the virtual band, and you can subtract or change those components as you go. The result is sort of soulful electronica that’s pretty contagious. Although you can’t (yet) save or share your tune, you can download a looping randomized screensaver, which is seriously better music than most of what’s on the radio.

[Hat tip to Molly of The Neon Hive!]