Venus in Sequins: Pop Art Prêt-à-Porter

Venus in Sequins by Philip Colbert
Dresses inspired by Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp

Designer Philip Colbert has launched Venus in Sequins, a daring fashion collection perfect for that pop art princess in your life. While it’s probably not wise to go out wearing the Urinal Dress (unless you’re looking to be a walking sandwich board advertising golden showers), conceptually, I think these are amazing.

Venus in Sequins by Philip Colbert
Dresses inspired by Dali and Van Gogh

Created and designed by Philip Colbert, the label is inspired by developments in the modern art world, in particular the work of Marcel Duchamp and the Pop Art movement. ‘The Rodnik Band’ label is presented as a pop band rather than a traditional fashion label. The collection is a unique amalgamation of music, art and fashion which combines three closely associated genres to create a unique fashion concept.

Andre Leon Talley referred to Venus in Sequins as: “The best thing since Warhol”. This is high praise from a man who currently spends his time on America’s Next Top Model telling young ladies whether they’re “fierce” or “dreckitude”.

Venus in Sequins by Philip Colbert
Dresses inspired by Mondrian and Lichtenstein

The Venus in Sequins collection was exhibited at London Fashion week. Each dress is hand-crafted with over three weeks of sequin and embroidery work. Wearable art frames are supplied with each dress. Prices are as follows: Warhol (£1,195),  Mondrian (£895), Lichtenstein (£925), Dali (£1,600) and  Van Gogh (£1,295). They are currently available in limited editions from Not Just a Label.

Venus in Sequins by Philip Colbert
Hats inspired by Duchamp and Mondrian

I couldn’t find any pricing on the hats, which is a bummer because plush that invites folks to piss in it seems like a really smart idea. All jokes aside, I really love this line. When Colbert does Keith Haring menswear, I’ll be lining up. Kudos to any and all women who are bold enough to wear Venus in Sequins. Click through for a video.