Kaiju Catwalk From Jun Takahashi

Jun Takahashi and UNDERCOVER

Nico meets neko (sort of, just go with it) in these runway theatrics by Jun Takahashi and UNDERCOVER for Paris Fashion Week. “UNDERMEN–The Empty World” is a kaiju-themed presentation for the designer’s spring/summer 2011 collection. Let’s see this as a Project Runway challenge! Make Ivy work with Michael Costello! Kaiju Big Battel!

Kaiju on the Catwalk:  Jun Takahashi and UNDERCOVER

Not that it’s a competition, but this is even more fierce than the time a model wore a Le Merde T-shirt at New York Fashion Week. Now, I’m not sure what the particular T-shirt above has to do with kaiju, but it sure does cut to the chase. The Nicki Minaj fan club should get on these fast. [I read about this on Freshness.]