Outfit Yourself in Bunny Onesies and Blamo Gear

Blamo Toys Posse in bunny onesies

Have you ever wanted to look like an artist? To be completely in character (and also comfortable)? Thanks to Blamo Toys, Toy Art Gallery and the current Wham, Blam Blamo show, you can do just that.

Metal Jewelry by Blamo

Blamo produced a good amount of merch for the exhibition. The range of affordable metal jewelry features signature characters like Swampy, Billy and Hug.

Bunny Onesies by Blamo

Of course there’s those ubiquitous bunny onesies. I’m not what you’d think of as an adult onesie enthusiast, but when it comes to these, I can get pretty evangelical. It’s kind of like being cloaked in joy.  Click through for more.

Metal Jewelry by Blamo

Interspecies sex and a tie tack? Why not.

Character T-shirts by Blamo

Blamo character T-shirts.

Metal Jewelry by Blamo

More neck bling.

Hug Boxer Briefs by Blamo

What’s better than underwear that hugs back? It’s all available at Toy Art Gallery on Melrose Avenue in LA and online here.