Retro-style Coffee Poster Charts Your Caffeine Consumption

In Caffeine We Trust coffee poster chart by Column Five

Check out this rad “interactive” coffee poster chart called In Caffeine We Trust from Column Five. The Newport Beach, CA-based designers are data visualization gurus, and they’ve got 29 pages of infographics and illustrations (348 projects; I think I clicked on most of them) to show for it.

As a gift to their clients for the holiday season, Column Five created a tribute to “two important staples here at C5: caffeine consumption and data visualization.” The coffee poster chart invites people to interact with it by charting their coffee consumption over the course of a month. Life-loggers and stat-addicts will dig this.

The instructions outline a few calculations to analyze personal consumption trends. Once monthly tracking is complete, the drinker can use their coffee (or a stronger version thereof) to ‘paint’ their data onto the poster to complete the visualization.

A limited edition of 500 coffee poster charts (18″x 24″) have also been made available to the public. I just placed my order. If you’re jonesing for one, act fast because In Caffeine We Trust is getting heavy coverage in the blogosphere. The posters are $29.99 (including domestic shipping) here.