Food Art: State-Shaped Skillets Made in America

Food art Made in America pans by FeLion

Nothing says “American breakfast” more than “Moons Over My Hammy,” right? WRONG. Wisconsin-based metal sculptor, pattern maker and food artist, Alisa Toninato, has fabricated 48 pans that allow you to quite literally announce that your breakfast is, in fact, made in America.

Food art Made in America pans by FeLion

Toninato makes the cast iron food art pans in Wisconsin as FeLion Studios. You then make the eggs in a Wisconsin-shaped skillet in your kitchen in Wisconsin. Things start to get pretty Matrixy after that.

Food art Made in America pans by FeLion

New Jersey and you: perfect together! The Made in America skillets represent a new horizon in both breakfast and USA pride. Imagine what joy every morning would bring when you’re cooking with your homeskillet!

FeLion has skillets shaped like the 48 contiguous states available seasoned (see above) and unseasoned and individually or as one grand pan of the United States. Whichever way you purchase them, you can collect and interlock them later or display them as food art on your wall with the included magnetic hangers. Made in America has been funded, in part, through a successful Kickstarter project. Check out the available pans here.


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