Devota Puts the Fun in Funeral

If I understand this correctly, and I’m not sure I do, Devota, is basically Comic-Con for undertakers. The yearly trade fair is devoted to the funeral and mortuary business. It takes place in Germany. (Of course it does.)

Devota children's coffins

Devota has all the typical CON swag, but it’s directed at a specialized demographic. With that in mind, glance again at the photo above. No, that’s not a bunch of Ped Eggs stored inside an IKEA Expedit (good guess though). It’s actually children’s coffins. Kind of a downer, I know.

Devota Coffin Sidecar

Photographer Robert Rutoed, attended Devota as part of his ongoing (8+ years) Fair(y) Tales project. Fair(y) Tales, which will become a book in 2013, explores the linguistics intersection of the “fair” and the “fairy tale”. As a result of Rutoed’s research, we have a unique glimpse into this highly unusual convention.

Devota Catwalk

If you’ve watched Oddities (truly fantastic) on the Science channel, you should know that sometimes morticians are also models [Meet Laura]. So why NOT have a fashion show at a funeral trade fair, right? The lady with the red bow-belt is definitely smizing.

Devota candy & urns

And then there’s the bizarre juxtapositions, the likes of which you’ll find at any convention. Vendors want to encourage people to approach their tables, and candy is a real crowd-pleaser. Just make sure you reach into the right jar if you’re at a table that sells urns…

Devota erectile coffins

There’s always gotta be a wiseguy. You know whoever designed this has a bumper sticker on his/her car hearse that reads: “Let’s put the fun back in funeral.”

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