Give Paws for Cat Dishes with Feet

Dylan Kendall cat bowls

At the start of the year, I wrote about these Happiness-inducing Housewares by Dylan Kendall. Well, she recently introduced a new design to her eFeet collection: pet bowls! Would you like to know WHY cat bowls with feet are an amazing innovation? I’m glad you asked. First, I’ll answer visually:

Lacarmina Scottish Fold cat

There’s not a lick of Photoshop afoot in the snapshot above. I did a quick Google image search for cats eating out of human housewares and found Basil Farrow, a Scottish Fold who lives with La Carmina, a Japanese gothic fashion blogger. I couldn’t make that up if I tried, and so coming back to the point: cats want what their people have. If you leave your glass unattended, your cat will take a sip. If you get out of your chair, you will return to a cat cushion. And now, if you eat your food in an eFeet bowl, so, in turn, can your cat. Why is this a good thing? I think the better question is: how can this be a bad thing?

Dylan Kendall cat bowls

Kendall’s four-pawed bowls are currently on Kickstarter in a range of sizes. Since her goal is more than double her previous successful eFeet Kickstarter campaigns, it would be wise to add a breakdown of how she plans to spend the money. (Twice the paws = twice the price?) I just pledged for a 5-inch ceramic bowl with personalization (Nigel, natch). You know what would be cool? (And by “cool,” I mean if Martha Stewart was a crazy cat lady.) If these came with pink and grey felt stickers that acted as floor slides, but looked just like paw pads. I hope there’s enough crazy people out there to help her make this project happen. Check it out here.