Sucklord Rolls Out Branded Toilet Paper

Sucklord branded toilet paper

Perfectly timed with this week’s “Pop Art” episode of Work of Art comes news of The Sucklord‘s latest foray into consumer goods: branded toilet paper.

A new low in crass, talentless commercialism, behold ASS WIPE, the official toilet paper of SUCKADELIC.

Pop art, poop art or who cares? Your $25 purchase does not just mean you’re buying TP, oh no. You’re buying into the MOVEMENT, the lifestyle. You, too, can be a lord when you sit on the porcelain throne. Be sure you’re tuning into SUCKtalk each week with REGULARITY because next week, only SUCKtalk has the reveal of The Sucklord’s toilet paper exclusive DesignerCon colorway. Because even if you piss in a jar, you can still treat your ass to something special.