How To Take Pictures of Your Cat Yawning (with Godmachine)

Cat yawning: Notes from the House of Godmachine
Notes from the House of Godmachine

Today, we have a scientific lesson in cat yawning. Cats have been generously supplied by Godmachine [interviewed] and science comes courtesy of Vsauce. First, here is a recent quote from my cat-loving, death-drawing, Wales-based friend, Godmachine:

“While I draw Satan eating the guts of a lady for a certain death metal band, I enjoy a warm strawberry white chocolate drink in my kitty mug.”

Further, he recommends yawning in front of your cats to get them to mirror you. Then, and only then, can you fill your Instagram feed with gems like this.

cat yawning
cat yawning

This is cat yawning is named Bear. Bear is big on the Internet. Bear is big off the Internet.

cat yawning
more cat yawning

This is Godmachine’s other cat, Miss Boo Boo. Here, she may be experiencing pandiculation, a word I learned in the video below. Yawning is cool.

Yawning is Cool

Click through to watch, learn and take better photos of your cats.

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