Olek Gives Oakland the First Ever Crocheted Billboard

Olek billboard in Oakland

With the stitchery still fresh on her solo show at New York’s Jonathan LeVine Gallery, the amazing Olek hopped a quick flight to Oakland to hijack a billboard.

Olek billboard in Oakland

Olek tweeted:

First crocheted billboard ever! Dedicated to Billboard Liberation Front! A gift from NYC to Oakland!!!

So rad. I saw the Olek billboard from the freeway yesterday, and it’s unmistakeably hers. I’d gotten a head’s up that the New York-based artist was in town after seeing her photographed at Oakland Art Murmur by John Law.

Olek crocheted billboard in Oakland

John Law is the San Francisco-based co-founder and director for The Billboard Liberation Front. The group has existed since 1977 and writes: “Our ultimate goal is nothing short of a personal and singular Billboard for each citizen.”

The fastest way to a man's heart...

But what does Olek’s crocheted cry of “BOYS!” mean? On International Women’s Day, she posted a clue in the form of a book atop her billboard prep. The book’s cover reads: “The fastest way to a man’s heart is by tearing a hole through his ribcage.” Ouch!

Olek and Doggie Diner mascots

And for those who want proof that Olek took her crochet cross-country in person, here she is with San Francisco’s iconic Doggie Diner heads (photo by John Law). Click here for a photo I took of Ron Turner with the Doggie Diner heads (two SF icons together).