20-Foot Pink Smorkin Labbit by Frank Kozik

That's a fucking huge Smorkin LabbitSpotted in Argentina: a 20-foot tall inflatable pink Smorkin Labbit by Frank Kozik. Kozik was recently in South America for the Puma Urban Art festival where he gave a talk. A local blogger writes:

Many locals were surprised this weekend when a giant fuchsia rabbit ran through the city. He was at the Obelisk, toured the Avenida 9 de Julio, Barrancas de Belgrano went through and met the Planetarium.

I wonder where Google translation has taken liberties or if the giant fuchsia labbit did in fact run through the city? Nothing fun and pink ever runs through San Francisco.

In conversation, Kozik referred to Argentina as “mind blowing” and Buenos Aires as “badassed”. In particular, he was extremely impressed with the alt press and street art. I’d like to visit maybe someday.