Canadian Rip-Off Print Shop Now Offline!

Munin Shop Offline

Just three days after posting the news that a Canadian rip-off print shop was selling appropriated, unlicensed art by Glenn Barr, Jeff Soto, Lori Earley, Sarah Joncas, Martin Wittfooth, Tom Bagshaw, D’holbachie Yoko, Natalia Fabia, Mia Araujo and Audrey Kawasaki, the site’s owner “has elected to delete their account and the content is no longer available”. YES!

Munin deleted

Credit goes out to the artists and their fans who blogged, tumbled and tweeted the shit out of the story. Special prize for my buddy, SpankyStokes who wrote:

Alex Munin, you may want to close up your shop, refund the money that you have taken from people, and crawl under a rock because you have been reported who reports directly to the international authorities. What you are doing is 100% wrong as you are selling prints from artists without their consent… oh by the way, I have all your contact info which has been passed on to them as well… you might want to think twice about doing this again. Once again, close up your online store now, or face serious consequences!

Munin probably Google Imaged Spanky, and immediately closed up shop. Do not mess with Spanky. He will MESS YOU UP.

Spankystokes at Comic-Con 2010

Cheers to our strong community!