Chalk it up to Colorful Chalkboard Skulls

Chalkboard Skulls by Sarah and Joseph Belknap

Has your spouse ever called you lazybones or a numskull for forgetting to pick up the milk? Never again, say Sarah and Joseph Belknap of Chicago! The married couple rotocasts their chalkboard skulls out of urethane plastic (resin), sandblasts them, and then sprays ’em with colorful chalkboard paint.

Chalkboard Skulls by Sarah and Joseph Belknap

Human chalkboard skulls measure 7″ x 7″ for $46. Gorilla skulls are also available for $66, with other animals on the way. While you could write your grocery list on an iPhone, it would be much, much cooler if you wrote it with chalk on a skull. I want to take one to Whole Foods and demand that people call me Hamlet! The chalkboard skulls are on etsy.

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