Poppy Seed Art: Portraits by Rebecca Foster

Rebecca Foster's Poppy Seed Portraits

Poppy seeds are my favorite seeds in the whole seediverse. How exciting for me then to find an artist using poppy seeds to make portraits. This is the doing of UK-based Rebecca Foster. The only thing that could take this work to the next level would be if she specifically rendered known heroin users, sort of like Jason Mecier’s Pill-Popping Celebrity Portraits Made With Pills.

Rebecca Foster's Poppy Seed Portraits

Naturally, this got me thinking. If, hypothetically, one were to lick the shit out of these portraits, would such a person become high? Thanks to the I Can Has Science blog, we have answers. For instance, I had no idea that poppy seeds differed based on geography, but apparently it’s 40 grams of Spanish poppy seeds you want for this experiment. The math breaks down to eating a dozen poppy seed bagels at the same time (which I could do easily if I was back in Brooklyn). However, ICHS cautions that even a minimal medicinal dose of poppy seeds costs 250 calories in seeds alone. Figure that a NY-sized plain bagel is about 360 calories, which translates to have fun getting a little bit high and a lot fat.

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