Win Billy 2.0 from Blamo Toys and Design Bureau

Billy 2.0 Blamo Toys Contest on Design BureauJust got my copy of Design Bureau in the mail. I’m so stoked to have a toy column in this proper design mag. Check out Spencer Hansen of Blamo Toys towering over my Toys by Design spread in his pink bunny onesie. Yeah, I said pink bunny onesie.

Design Bureau is doing a promotional giveaway with Blamo Toys where the winner will receive a smaller version of the Billy 2.0 wood figure seen in the magazine as well as at Blamo’s Toy Art Gallery solo show. To enter, sign up to receive DB’s infrequent design-related email newsletter. You can unsubscribe whenever. I subscribe, and it doesn’t irritate me at all (and I’m highly irritable, too).

Enter HERE to help two cool entities and possibly win one cool toy.

Billy 2.0 by Blamo Toys