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Pop Culture Pug Dogs by Okedoki

Puck, Okedoki‘s vinyl toy pug dog, is admittedly an unlikely platform for customization, but once again (as in Travis Louie’s Stan Skelves, Yosiell Lorenzo’s Poison Sweets and Jon Knox’s Codys), the artists responsible
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Spongebob Toys by Secret Base

SecretBase released a new picture of their forthcoming licensed Spongebob toys. The clear vinyl X-ray version is looking pretty cool, certainly more so than its competition from within the
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Update on UNKL Spongebob Toys

Speaking of licensed “designer” Spongebob toys, UNKL presents a first look at their Spongebob samples…and they’ve UNKL-ized (nearly) the whole gang. Back in July, UNKL was still courting licensor
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