Top 10 Posts About Weed Art

Top 10 Posts About Weed Art: Bunyip by Perks and Mini

It’s 4:20 on 4/20. You know what that means. For all the folks who aren’t yet out there celebrating and/or medicating, here’s my Top 10 Posts About Weed Art.

Perks and Mini: A Weed Art Toy Story

Top 10 Posts About Weed Art: Mananabanana by PAMTOY

I had no idea PAM’s contribution to pot-related plastic toys had been so pervasive! It took eight years and a circuitous path for Perks and Mini‘s bizarre BUNYIP toy to find its way into my collection, and it’s here to stay. ”Bunyip,” as it turns out is a mythical creature traced to the Aboriginal people of South-Eastern Australia. As to why PAM’s interpretation looks the way it does? Perhaps “Bunyip” made them think of “bong rip”? Read the rest here.

Snoop Dogg Weed Art Portrait

Snoop Dogg Weed Art Portrait © Jason Mecier

Remember Jason Mecier, the San Francisco artist behind those portraits of pill-popping celebrities made with pills? Mecier used the same technique of vice-as-medium on noted bong enthusiast Snoop Dogg. The result is a potent portrait made out of of marijuana. Read the rest here.

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Grindroid Android Weed Art Custom Toy by Ian Ziobrowski

Grindroid Weed Art by Ian Ziobrowski

I’ve heard some people use their Google Android figures for stash boxes. (I use mine for paperclips.) Ian Ziobrowski extended the metaphor with Grindroid, a mashed up customization of the Android and Dunny toy platforms. Together, they form “one of the most unique pieces of machinery NUGGS have ever owned.” Read the rest here.

Snoop Dogg Says Smoke My Songbook

Snoop Dogg's Rolling Words Book

After you’ve had your portrait made out of pot, what’s next? The answer, for Snoop Dogg, is a smokable songbook. Introducing Rolling Words, a promotion for Snoop Dogg’s Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers created by San Francisco agency, Pereira & O’Dell. Read the rest here.

Potheads Designer Pottery by Yoskay Yamamoto

Potheads by Yoskay Yamamoto
Potheads by Yoskay Yamamoto

Sure, these have succulents in the photos, but off camera… Read the rest here.

Cannabis Customized Toilet Seats

Funky Junky's Pot Pot Weed Art Marijuana Customized Toilet Seat

Michigan-based etsy seller, FunkyJunky, has sold more than twenty custom toilet seats embedded with pot leaves. Each seat is hand-cast, sanded and polished by FJ, who notes that the leaves contain no THC. This is probably pertinent info if you live in a city without legal cannabis dispensaries and thought that purchasing a toilet seat on etsy and then smashing it for a handful of grass seemed like a good idea… Read the rest here.

The Pop Surrealist Interventionist Art of Robert Brandenburg

Freedom From Stress by Robert Brandenburg and Norman Rockwell

In “Freedom From Stress,” [Brandenburg] brings the famous Norman Rockwell “Freedom From Want” into modern times with what’s truly needed to pacify today’s American family: booze, pot and pills. Read the rest here.

Gary Ham Gets Wood For the Sucklord

The Sucklord Gets Wood

I gotta say, Ham nailed it by going with a simple facial expression and then getting all meta on the accessories. The figure comes with interchangeable Sucklord and Morgan Phillips heads, 1 body, 1 lightsaber, 1 boombox, 1 roll of Ass Wipe, 1 carrot, 1 photo of his girlfriend @needleknocker, 1 New York Times challenge piece from Work of Art, 1 jar of urine from VH1′s Can’t Get a Date, 1 Village Voice coverstory, 2 Suckpax, 1 bong, 1 bootleg Gay Stormtrooper, 1 cape and 1 body.  Read the rest here.

Dank Depot’s Smorkin’ Labbits

Jelly Bean Kush © Dank Depot

What you’re looking at above is the series 3 Chicom Labbit by Frank Kozik, a Cactus Pup from tokidoki and a nug of Jelly Bean Kush. All three of these items are currently peacefully co-existing on the counter top at Long Beach, CA’s medical marijuana dispensary, Dank Depot. Read the rest here.

Cupcakes for Druggies

Cupcakes for Druggies

A conceptual art piece about the addictive & destructive vices that we celebrate vs. those we criminalize or just a really clever cupcake baker? You be the judge. Read the rest here.