Wipe Your Nose With Mount Fuji Tissues

Mount Fuji Tissues

As I continue to define and refine the genre of “popjects,” I occasionally stumble upon perfect popjects. These Pasta Bowties, which I wrote about last February, (and wore in March) were just such an item. Today, we return to Japan for another dose of practical pop: The Mount Fuji Tissue Case.

Mount Fuji Hankerchiefs

The triangular formation of Japan’s Mount Fuji makes it an ideal shape for all manner of nose-wiping accouterments. Goodbye Market offers portable tissues and handkerchiefs so you can sniffle in style! Skeptics would do well to note that the Japanese know their tissues.  Just look back at tissues as framed art objects for a reminder.

Me at Mount Fuji in 2009

Back in 2009, I visited Mount Fuji. It was epic. It was chilly. I wish I’d had some Mount Fuji tissues in my pocket!

Mount Fuji Love Gloves

Goodbye Market also sells an interesting popject called the Fuji Love Glove. Based on the title alone, you’d think it was a marital aid, and I suppose it could be. However, the precise application for the Fuji Love Glove is in fact to give someone the middle finger, which due to the product design, will simulate Mount Fuji on your hand. Love it.

Fujisan by Bigfoot and Dragatomi

And no post on Mount Fuji popjects could be complete without Bigfoot’s own designer vinyl toy, produced locally in Northern California by Dragatomi. Available here!