Bicycle Racer Vinyl Toy From Rouleur Magazine

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Eddy by Richard Mitchelson x Rouleur Magazine

Things don’t get too sporty around here (unless you count these excellent curling toys), so it’s nice to see this cyclist toy done up in designer vinyl style.

Eddy by Richard Mitchelson x Rouleur Magazine

UK-based illustrator and “very keen cyclist,” Richard Mitchelson designed Eddy as a character for Rouleur magazine. Rouleur recently released a 6-inch vinyl Eddy toy for £35 (~$57 USD). Makes a great gift for those who mix athletics with aesthetics, and it’s available now here.

Eddy by Richard Mitchelson x Rouleur Magazine

Here’s Mitchelson on inspiration:

Cycling is full of history and characters. As a sport, it’s full of drama, speed and excitement which inspires you whenever you race or sit and watch a race on the TV. When I started creating work for Rouleur magazine I immersed myself in the history of the sport, finding out more about riders and races that perhaps I hadn’t experienced or known about in the past. I have always drawn things, and as my love for cycling grew, it became the thing I found myself drawing a lot more of the time. Soon it was all I could think of, and when people started to ask for riders they loved to be created, I would research them and work them up into portraits or perhaps stories in Rouleur Magazine.

Check out a full interview with Richard Mitchelson over on 5th Floor.

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