Sekaiseifukudan by Mari Inukai


Following this past weekend’s signing with Mari Inukai at the lone, remaining Giant Robot shop in Los Angeles, intriguing new art toy company Inner Sanctum has released complete sets of 21 ($2,100) and original sets of 7 ($700) Sekaiseifukudan online.


Mike Watson and Rachel Stone at Inner Sanctum chose Heroine International Ltd. in Hong Kong to manufacture the complex pieces. Mari Inukai blogged her happiness with the project:

Having a floating object inside of a figurine — technically it was a big challenge…so much talent, so many methods, and so much time. Sekaiseifukudan is made by hard plastic and silicon filled, so the heart can float in the body, which nobody could achieve before or wanted to because of the expense. But producer Mike Watson at Inner Sanctum believed in me and all my ideas, so he agreed to make them how I wanted. And of course, as an artist I was really picky. Because of their unique designs, not only materials, but also coloring materials, and painting on each of them, it was a really big manufacturing challenge. And here they are, every each one is so carefully made and packed in a beautiful custom designed black box, ready to be held in someone’s hands.

Mari Inukai signingIndividual figures from the Sekaiseifukudan series should be available for $100 each online this week. They look really nice in the pictures. Come do a signing in San Francisco so the rest of us can see the figures in person and meet you, too!

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