If Cats Were Fonts

Apple Chauncery cat font
Apple Chauncery cat, from Buzzfeed

Some cat-loving typography nerd got the idea to make a mash-up of cat fonts. There were some good ones, but I felt inclined to make a few of my own.

Nervous cat font
Nigel, the Nervous cat

Here are the cats who live with me (and two friends’ cats) as fonts. If you enjoyed theĀ Love Cats, click through for more cat type fun.

Soviet Punk cat font
Tofu, the Soviet Punk cat

Top Secret cat font
Phantom, the Top Secret cat
Soopafresh cat font
Bailey, the Soopafresh cat
Futura cat font
Futura cat, from Buzzfeed
Courier cat font
Courier cat, from Buzzfeed
Dingbats cat font
Dingbats cat, from Buzzfeed