Get Your Kicks with the Hamster-like Rakku Shoe Wheel

Rakku Shoe Wheel

Although not as perfect a triple combination (for me at least) as pencil + parmesan + pesto, the Rakku Shoe Wheel is sure to please that designer you know who loves color, shoes and… hamsters.

Rakku Shoe Wheel

The Shoe Wheel is the brainchild of designer Danilo Torro, who, after moving to Hong Kong, found himself faced with a pile of his family’s shoes and no good storage solution.

Seeking a better way to organize their shoes, he came up with a brilliant idea to design a storage system that would simply make their life easier. This creative challenge fostered a four-year passion to develop the Shoe Wheel. Paying homage to the Shoe Wheel’s Asian Roots, Torro and his wife and partner, Lori Quon, named their company “Rakku,” meaning “rack” in Japanese.

The Rakku Shoe Wheel measures about 30″ x 30″ and features a resin frame, vinyl pockets and a chrome-plated steel base. It can hold up to 30 pairs of shoes (up to a men’s foot size of 11) and sells for $65 here. I kind of want this product.

There’s love for you bigfoots out there too, though:

The Shoe Pod is putting large footed men in the comfort zone, accommodating sizes up to 14-plus.

Because everyone knows that men with big feet really want to store their footwear in halves of hamster wheels…the Rakku Shoe Pod for $42 here.