Frank Kozik Pillows and Teacups

Frank Kozik pillows and teacups from TIALE

Fans of Frank Kozik‘s rock posters and vinyl toys might not immediately see how his work translates to pillows and teacups. Well, buster, that attitude is simply as shallow as a Satanic saucer (pictured above)! I went straight to the source to see how the designer of all things smorkin’ and rockin’ came to make objects for teatime and naptime.

Evil Tea Time by Frank Kozik x TIALE

JB: How did working with This is a Limited Edition come about?

Frank Kozik: Darren Riley contacted me via email a while back.

How is designing for a teacup and saucer different from designing for a Labbit or T-shirt?

The difference was it was a round flat thing that had to match up to a hollow cylinder.

[There’s much more to this illuminating conversation. Click through!]

Evil Tea Time by Frank Kozik x TIALE

Hypothetical scenario: When you were living in Austin doing punk fliers or putting out records, your future self materializes in thin air and says you will design a bone china tea cup with a fancy English company in the 2nd decade of the 21st century. What would you have said to your future self?

Sounds cool!

Frank Kozik pillow from TIALE

Do you drink tea?

Yes, I like strong black Russian type tea with lots of sugar.

Besides tea, naps (and pilates), what is one other “refined” custom or habit that would surprise your fans and followers?

Flogging peasants.

Frank Kozik pillow from TIALE

When the peasants come back with a class action lawsuit, remember you heard it here first. Cursed Nap Time (the pillow) with the classic bedtime proverb “Every night in my dreams, I burn your cities to the ground” and Evil Tea Time (the cup and saucer set) with icons of evil are available online through Click for Art. You can take 15% off for the rest of January using the discount code “WINTERBLUES,” so don’t sleep on this offer (or you won’t be sleeping on this pillow.