Brand Names Whitewashed by Brand Spirit

Brand names removed: Donald Duck

Brand Spirit is a daily exercise in distillation:

Every day for 100 days, I will paint one branded object white, removing all visual branding, reducing the object to its purest form.

Andrew Miller, the painter/collector/curator behind Brand Spirit’s tumblr, is a night student in SVA’s branding master’s program. I suppose his point is to show whether or not the individual objects are ‘iconic’ without their brand names OR how object minus logo equals art.

I’m not sure the readers of the bigger design sites are buying the latter theory. On Swiss Miss, people write: “Who the heck would pay $10 for one of those things?” (Clearly these folks haven’t been shopping on Fab or Grey Area [Fake Rolex] or reading my blog… I happen to enjoy seeing white-washed Sharpies, Elmer’s glue, Scotch tape and other office supplies…)

When accused of being derivative, Miller responds: “Keri Smith is an inspiration! As is Noah Scalin. And I was definitely channeling George Segal.”

I recommend viewing the Brand Spirit tumblr while listening to the Nordic dream pop of Bel Canto, specifically White-Out Conditions. Can you guess the brand names of the objects below?

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