Medicom Toy Announces the Second Coming of Christ Unlimited

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Christ Unlimited by Herman Makkink x Medicom Toy

It looks like Japan’s Medicom Toy is gearing up for the second coming of Christ (Unlimited).

Christ Unlimited by Herman Makkink in A Clockwork Orange

Later this month, Medicom will release a new polystone art multiple based on Herman Makkink‘s 1971 Christ Unlimited sculpture.

Christ Unlimited by Herman Makkink in a Clockwork Orange

The Christ Unlimited (aka Dancing Jesus) sculptures entered pop culture through their inclusion in Alex’s bedroom in the movie A Clockwork Orange. Makkink explains how this happened:

“The Christ Unlimited figures were not designed especially for A Clockwork Orange. They formed part of my studio work at the time, and, after seeing them there, Kubrick wanted to use them for the film because they probably had the futuristic look he and his wife wanted. In the late sixties and early seventies, we, London based artists, felt terribly hip. We didn’t want to fight the establishment so much as shock them. Christ Unlimited was inspired by a crucified Christ statuette that I had found. The left arm and both legs from the waist down had been broken off. I replaced them in a more joyous pose – that of a dancer in the midst of a popular folk dance from the Balkans and the Middle East, known as The Butchers Dance.”

The film used four of the figures, probably to symbolize the four droogs, as well as the themes of art and joy.

Christ Unlimited by Herman Makkink x Medicom Toy

In 2005, Medicom Toy released an edition of 20-inch Christ Unlimited art toys sold in pairs of two.

Christ Unlimited by Herman Makkink x Medicom Toy

Three years later, the value of the figures had doubled, according to this Phillips de Pury 2008 auction.

Christ Unlimited (Dancing Jesus) by Herman Makkink x NexusVII

In 2009, another Japanese company, Nexus VII, released an even more limited all-black Christ Unlimited multiple.

Christ Unlimited by Herman Makkink in A Clockwork Orange

Which brings us to now. I can’t tell if/how these 2013 Christ Unlimited figures differ from their 2005 predecessors, and I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumors (below), but if you like crucified collectibles and have ~$300 and a friend in Japan, follow this link.

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  1. Posted by: Donavon on April 13, 2013 at 12:58 pm


    I know it might just be speculation at this point, but have you received any additional information about this piece? Official price point? Date of release? Quantity? But mostly, what do you think the best/safest online retailer to purchase this piece would be? Any information would be helpful. THANK YOU


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