DIY Coffins: Design Your Own Burial Box

Colourful Coffins

This, quite literally, marks the death of pre-fab. If you can DIY a coffin, you can DIY anything. Check out this UK-based company that’s making it possible for you to die not just with dignity, but with design:

Colourful Coffins is recognised as the market leader for personalised and bespoke picture coffins in the UK. Since our launch in 2004, we have continued to lead the field in innovation, quality and personal service, helping thousands of families celebrate the life of their loved one in a unique and special way.

Crossword Puzzle Coffin by Colourful Coffins

Colourful Coffins offers a range of bespoke burial boxes. The idea is: you were unique in life, so why not be unique in death? I mean, I guess the ancient Egyptians kind of did something like this. Although, it’s true they didn’t exactly do a Sudoku Sarcophagus or anything…

Stamp Collector Coffin by Colourful Coffins

There are some pretty fun coffins here. For instance, I never really thought I’d upload a file to this blog that was labelled “chocoholic-coffin.jpg”. I’m bummed out that theirĀ Create Your Own Coffin page doesn’t include a template, since I was poised to get all Rotocasted on one.

Vintage Wine Coffin by Colourful Coffins

But in all seriousness, Colourful Coffins also makes a commitment to the environment. Their designer coffins are available in wood or cardboard. They use only biodegradeable paper or material wraps and environmentally friendly inks, and their “100% recycled cardboard coffin is the greenest in the UK”. They work with Climate Care to offset greenhouse gas emissions each time one of their coffins is cremated, and they plant a tree when one of their coffins is buried.

At first I thought this was a joke, but they’re so earnest and they seem really likable and committed. Good for them, I say! Click through for a few more of my favorite custom coffins.

New York Taxi Cab Coffin by Colourful Coffins

Chocoholic Coffin by Colourful Coffins

British Flag Coffin by Colourful CoffinsBeer Coffin by Colourful Coffins

Recycled Coffin by Colourful Coffins

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