New Philographics: Philosophy in Poster Form


For those of us with thirsty minds and discerning eyes, Genís Carreras has distilled a fresh batch of Philographics! In his second installment of Philographics (see the initial offerings here), London-based Carreras continues to merge the principles of design and philosophy. The result is rich (yet minimal) and attractive (yet educational).

objectivism: this poster is endorsed by ayn rand…

The new Philographics include Altruism, Objectivism, Eclecticism, Anarchism, Individualism and more. I say this a lot, but for reals now: if you click around on the pretty graphics below, you will seriously learn something. Carreras is still looking for a publisher to print the whole series as a journal, so until then, pick up your favorite philosophies as posters here.

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