20 Inspiring Designer Skulls

Designer skulls

Since today is Skull Appreciation Day, here’s a look back at 20 inspiring designer skulls. These unique anatomical art objects re-contextualize the cranium in bone, books, fruit, chocolate, wood, fiber, metal, vinyl, plastic and resin. Click the headings to read more about each piece.

1. Dimitri Tsykalov’s “Fruit of the Tomb”.

Skull Fruits by Dimitry Tsykalov

2. Blamo Toys’ Knuckles.

Knuckles enters his "Blue Period"...designer skulls by @spencerblamo

3. Stefan Gross’ “Birdhouse In Your Skull”.

Rebirdy by Stefan Gross

4. Ferg’s Squbes.

Squbes (designer skulls) by @fergbag in the collection of @toykio

5. Haroshi’s Mohawk skull.

Mohawk skull by Haroshi

6. Scott Wilkowski’s BUD CATS (and everything else).

Head’s up! Click through for more.

7. Sergey Safonov’s Harvest Kluth Boats.

Mintyfresh Harvest Kluth boat and designer skulls by Sergey Safonov

8. Lana Crooks’ plush skulls (and everything else).

custoMONDAY skulls by Lana Crooks

9. Circus Posterus’ skulls (and everything else).

Skelve, Skulls and Elizabeth by Circus Posterus

10. Gary Ham’s custom skull shelf.

Gary Ham custom Skull shelf

11.  Sarah and Joseph Belknap’s Chalkboard Skulls.

Chalkboard Skulls by Sarah and Joseph Belknap

12. Marina Malvada’s chocolate skulls.

Chocolate Skulls

13. Jessica Joslin’s Stardust (and everything else).


Stardust by Jessica Joslin
14. Ron Ulicny’s Skull of Sarah Winchester.

The Skull of Sarah Winchester by Ron Ulicny

15. Stephanie Inagaki’s Miyu Decay.

Miyu Decay by Stephanie Inagaki

16. Peter Pracilio’s Swarovski skulls.

Swarovski Crystal Taxidermy Skulls by Peter Pracilio

17. Ted Riederer’s Primal Sound skulls.

Primal Sound designer skulls by Ted Riederer

18. Maskull Lasserre’s skull carved out of old software manuals.

Maskull Lasserre

19. Frank Kozik’s Mr. Bones for Kiehls.

Kiehl's Mr. Bones in progress with Frank Kozik

20. The Mütter Museum’s Adopt-a-Skull program.

Mütter Museum Save-a-Skull