Sad Food Art and Bad Puns by Vanessa Dualib

sad food art photos by Vanessa Dualib

I ain’t gonna front: I like food art, anthropomorphic fruit, and I like bad puns. Sao Paulo-based photographer Vanessa Dualib unites the them all in a fun series of photos called “ρLªYinG ωiTh mŸ fOoD“. She writes:

So here’s the deal… I love photos, I love food and I hardly can say I take life too serious…So this is my tribute! To life, to food, to photography and to you! And if anything you see in here makes you smile, then my mission will be accomplished!

After this last post, I needed some levity. Suicidal cookies and condemned carrots are just the tip of the iceberg (lettuce). I’m pleased to call Dualib’s mission a success!

sad food art photos by Vanessa Dualib

As someone married to a redhead, I particularly liked this image. There’s also a sweet story to go with it, and it doesn’t even involve gingers.

sad food art photos by Vanessa Dualib

Poor Carrol! Dualib is on Flickr and Facebook, and you can purchase her prints at RedBubble or Imagekind.

photo by Vanessa Dualib