Germany’s Non-traditional Christmas Trees

Sandra Böhm non-traditional Christmas trees

There’s lots of fun Christmas iconography to lead off into the holiday weekend, but I’ve chosen to play against type (maybe) and leave you with some quirky and German non-traditional Christmas trees. It’s called “Oh Tannenbaum!,” and its an annual exhibition of ‘artistic’ interpretations of the Christmas tree that takes place every year in Germany. It looks like things got a little “Hitlery” in 2008, but otherwise, it’s pretty innocuous stuff.

Fast Company explains:

The first show was organized by Johannes Marmon and Johannes Müller, of Karlsruhe-based jjoo design, in 2004; this year, selected works will be on display at the Goethe Institute’s 25 branches around the world. According to the pair, the Christmas tree’s recognizable form and popularity–from Buenos Aires and Budapest to Miami to Moscow–makes it ripe for parody. The title of the exhibition is a variation on the German carol “O Tannenbaum” (a Tannenbaum is a fir tree).

Marmon and Müller suggest that the alternative spelling is “is intended to convey both the range of possible reactions to the works on show–from enthusiastic approval to bemused consternation–and the equally diverse creative approaches to the chosen theme.”

There are 100s of  image of non-traditional Christamas trees. I quite like that pesto linguine tree. Here are a few more. Happy holidays!