Anatomical Self-Dissections in Watercolor

"Skinned Neck" Anatomical Self-Dissections in Watercolor © Danny Quirk

“Skinned Neck” © Danny Quirk

When you look at this picture, is this your first thought? “Dude. John Mayer just seriously cut himself shaving.” No? Yeah, mine wasn’t either…

You are looking at watercolor anatomical self-dissections by Danny Quirk. These works are uncomfortable and visceral, and I can’t stop looking at them. Aspiring to become a medical illustrator, Quirk began this body of work in his senior year at Pratt Institute.

Always having been interested in anatomy/the body, decided to do a series of paintings combining Classical aesthetics with a surreal approach. I plan to work on this series for about another 6 months while I am taking prerequisite courses for graduate school requirements, where I intend to become a medical illustrator.

Skinned Neck (above) is one of Quirk’s less “disturbing” paintings. View more with titles like Skin Bra, Skinned Back and Lateral Trunk Dissection here.