Illustrations of Anna Wintour as a Housewife

Anna Wintour by Matthias Seifarth

Matthias Seifarth is a freelance illustrator from Hamburg, Germany. He describes his art partnership with writer, Pessi Schmitt, as follows: “We are a boy and a girl who most of the time act like a drama queen and her gay shopping buddy – the only difference being that we argue about the fine lines of drawings and letters instead of the thickening horizontal stripes of the new ASOS Tops (which we are doing the rest of the day).”

Like me, Seifarth and Schmitt, vacillate between a love of and hatred for pop culture and reality TV.  But: “there’s only one topic that spreads waves of pure love through our troubled minds – Our beloved mothers and with them the mother of all: Anna Wintour.”

Anna Wintour by Matthias Seifarth

Anna Wintour is the English-born editor of American Vogue magazine. Her demanding manner has earned her the nickname “Nuclear Wintour”. It is hard to imagine her being anyone’s mother, and yet:

We proudly present our emotional homage to both of them with exclusive insights of the caring housewife and sacrificial mum Anna Wintour. In every detail you recognize the heart-warming charm and comforting sense of style for which she is famous. And for what surely makes her the undisputed editor in chief of all grocery lists. Ever.

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