Discovery Engine Now Includes Gene for Toy Art

artsy toy art

Toy art continues to breach the boundaries of its niche, and this is a good thing. Recently, fine art discovery engine,, added a “related to toys” gene to its online collection. Genes are akin to characteristics, and they classify pieces of art at an aesthetic genetic level through the Art Genome Project. Genes allow art admirers to search the collection based on content, color, concept, medium, time period, technique, influences and more. If you’re a member of Rotocasted or you saw this week’s Toy Traveler Google Map, you know I love me some metadata. And I like how is representing toy art thus far. The recent local Misfit Toy Factory show was fun, but in my opinion, toy art is more than an assemblage of found objects. Click through for a few of my favorite objects, sculptures, painting, photos and installations “related to toys” by Jim Dine, Jeremy Fish, Dalek, Victor Castillo, Faile, Gary Taxali, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Ron English, Rachel Lee Hovnanian, Michael Leavitt, Marcel Dzama, Linda Bacon, Kaneuji Teppei, Paul McCarthy, Jeff Koons, Andrea Deszo, Don Jacot, Takashi Murakami and Jen Dalton.