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James Jarvis Draws the Music of Spacemen 3 on Instagram

Written on by jeremy

Words are really not necessary to describe the awesomeness of this convergence, but I’ll try: James Jarvis has very casually drawn up some very wonderful illustrations inspired by very epic Spacemen 3 [here’s a fan site] albums. Jarvis posted the sketches … Continue reading

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Step Inside Gary Baseman’s Home and Head: The Door is Always Open

Written on by jeremy

I’ve been meaning to post these pictures from Gary Baseman‘s epic art installation at The Skirball in Los Angeles. Within the walls of the Jewish Cultural Center is, as the New York Times, puts it ”a lesson on how to connect the eye to … Continue reading

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Post-Punk and New Wave Singers as Comic Book Superheroes

Written on by jeremy

Did you just blink twice and find yourself in a parallel universe where Ian Curtis is the Dark Knight and Siouxsie Sioux rocks bullet-proof bracelets? Unfortunately, no, but you are looking at the amazing artistic convergence of new wave and … Continue reading

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It’s Friday! TV and Movie Dance Posters by Niege Borges

Written on by jeremy

It’s Friday! Did you make it? Let’s celebrate with an infectious ditty by the Violent Femmes as performed by anonymous disco dancers in the musical pairing (above) and these minimalist pop culture dance posters by Brazilian graphic designer Niege Borges (below)! … Continue reading

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Manufactured Images by Denis Dubois

Written on by jeremy

I’m digging these images by French graphiste Denis Dubois. By gently tweaking old-time illustrations, Dubois expresses humor and cynicism for our modern world. The incredibly prolific artist refers to what he does as “manufactured images.” I love art with commentary, and I … Continue reading

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Get in Shape Like it’s 1974

Written on by jeremy

In this 1974 children’s book about shapes, some foxy raccoon friends have a colorful picnic, and they all make out like a gang of geometric gourmands! (I thought you might need a little cute and a lot of color for your Monday.) … Continue reading

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Jay Howell Sculptures and Enthusiastic Person at FFDG

Written on by jeremy

I’ve been totally enamored with Jay Howell‘s Super Sculpey characters since he began revealing them on Instagram. Lucky for me, the Los Angeles-based artist debuted the new 3D work as part of Enthusiastic Person, his current exhibition at Fecal Face in … Continue reading

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League of Space Pirates Comic Book and Record Set

Written on by jeremy

According to the space pirate name generator, my space pirate name is “Commander Jeremy Brautman the Perfectly Rough.” That’s uncannily accurate, so I really feel like I can trust the The League of Space Pirates. LOSP is a “band of rogue musicians who travel the … Continue reading

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Donta Santistevan’s Self-Conscious Coffee & Skateboarding Monsters

Written on by jeremy

Donta Santistevan is a San Francisco-based artist and illustrator. Locals may know him from working at the Kidrobot store and drawing at Sketch Tuesdays. It was during the latter that I picked up the great drawing above. Not only is Donta’s … Continue reading

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Surreal Action Figures on Blistercards as Prints by Jordan Speer

Written on by jeremy

Hipsters never get old! (Actually, they do.) From Hipster Animals on T-shirts to hipster humans as action figures, the media’s favorite subculture stereotype is still going strong (for art fodder, at least). Jordan Speer is an artist who “makes pictures … Continue reading

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