Gary Ham’s Toytem of Terror

Gary Ham's Toytem of Terror

Gary Ham aka @garygepetto is on a roll lately. There was his custom Tron Swampy, and who could forget the successful SUCKset? Now he presents the Toytem of Terror, a mashup of past Ham characters rendered as stackable wood pieces and painted with cel vinyl.

Gary Ham's Toytem of Terror

Gary Ham’s Toytem of Terror is part of the Circus Posterus Winter Salon, which is currently showing at Stranger Factory. Artists were “invited to create smaller, affordable works for beginning collectors and to launch the gift season”. I could totally (totemly?) see this being a production piece. Since that Tim Biskup stackable series looks like its not happening, I hope someone picks this up.

Here now is a stroke of nomenclature genius. Since Roy Miles Jr. is already the “The Ghetto Gepetto” (and Gary Ham is much more of a desert-dweller anyway), I propose the nickname:”The Muffaletto Gepetto”. Get it? HAM? Muffaletta? If you don’t know what a muffaletta is, click here. Vegetarians, please avert your eyes.

The Winter Salon runs through January 3rd.