Vote For My Blog in the Designer Toy Awards


It’s come to my attention that some of my peers in the “Best Blog” category of the Designer Toy Awards have taken to repeatedly stumping for votes on twitter and through email blasts. This morning, at a news conference including Anderson Cooper and Kurt Loder, I explained that I remain nonplussed. After all, I do have that secret SUPERPAC…


If you have yet to vote in the DTAs, click over and be counted! The voting ends tomorrow night. I really love blogging about design objects, and I hope it shows. I mean, would a non-committal blogger have hired a tweaked-out statue of liberty sign waver?


Would a guy who takes his job lightly have hired Captain Sully Sullenberger to write “Jeremy loves you” in the sky?


I can’t provide you with universal healthcare or legalize cannabis, but I can continue to inspire procrastination through my writing. As my close friend Spike Lee once said, “Do the right thing!”